Join the workplace movement and reduce your carbon footprint! At Wilcox, our goal is to help you go green and save green through efficient equipment and reduced energy costs.

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As hydro bills continue to rise, it's important to conserve energy and understand how heating and cooling can be lost throughout the year. Whether it be through cracks between windows/doorways, damaged dock seals/weatherstrips or poor insulation, don't lose energy where you don't have to.


Upgrading existing products doesn't always mean installing a brand-new unit. Depending on the equipment, there may be options to upgrade the way that it operates. For example, mechanical dock levelers can be upgraded to hydraulic levelers, operated with the push of a button, rather than by pulling a chain. Therefore, you also have to consider how it impacts your workers. Does it cause strain? Does it take too long to operate or is easily damaged? Does it cost you an arm and a leg?


Discover how upgrades can end up saving your facility money. Wilcox helps you determine the best solution to save on energy costs and/or gain incentives that help cover upgrade costs. Leave it to the Wilcox Team!



  1. Rubber Doors
    High-Speed rates and a seamless curtain ensure less air and heat coming in/escaping.
  2. Turbo-Seal: Cold-Storage Doors
    Provide reduction in energy loss between two areas with low temp. vinyl weather seals.
  3. Dock Seals
    Protect openings, products and personnel from exterior elements including bugs and debris.
  4. High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) Fans
    Blend layers of air together (destratify) to equalize overall temperature.
  5. Air Curtains
    Up to 75% of energy can be lost without preventing outside air from impacting regulated air.


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