For security purposes of kiosks, stores and other openings, Store Front Grilles by Wilcox are your security solution.  We offer durable rolling grilles from Wayne-Dalton, providing security, visibility and ventilation with several different patterns.


Store Front Grilles are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel to meet any of your security concerns. Automatic security grilles are also available that drop on detection of a fire alarm or security concern.


Standard manual pull-up counter shutters available for retail facilities with slide locks to secure the premises at night. Also available for fire safety in Houses, Apartments, Condos and Commercial Buildings. All of our shutters Canadian-made, suitable for harsh Canadian winters and warm summers! High quality, long lasting products help reach fire-safety codes, easily installed and operational for years without issue.


Several operational methods available in accordance with the ASTM E-152: hand-crank, push-up, chain and operator either Galvanized/Stainless Steel. *Uniform Building Code: Section 4306, Fire Windows/Doors are required to be automatic and self-closing.

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