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  • Man Door Upgrade, Toronto | Case Study

    Industrial-Grade-Loading-Dock-Bumpers | Dock Bumpers and Loading Dock Safety, GTA | Wilcox Door

    Entrance Upgrade


    This wooden Man Door was upgraded to an aluminum glass door and finished with cladding. Although it served it's purpose, it needed more...

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  • Edge of Dock Leveler, Stoney Creek | Case Study

    Edge-of-Dock-System-Installation | Loading Dock Equipment Custom Solutions, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door

    I need to improve my building's efficiency but I don't own it...


    Do you operate your business out of a rental unit? So does this client. He required a dock leveler but had concerns of investing into a building he didn't...

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  • Tractor Trailer PredaDoor NXT, Etobicoke | Case Study

    Rytec-High-Speed-Temperature-Controlled-Doors | Cold Storage Separation, Etobicoke | Wilcox Door

    Any Application, Any Purpose


    This food distribution centre had been using a trailer trailer as extra storage space. However, the food needed to be temperature controlled...

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  • Direct Safe Drive Operator, Toronto | Case Study

    Overhead-Door-Safe-Drive-Operator | Door Operator Efficiency and Upgrade, Toronto | Wilcox Door

    For every problem, there's a solution!


    This door was reaching it's spring life once or twice per year due to high usage. Therefore, causing unnecessary replacements. Our solution involved...

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Industrial-Commercial-Door-and-Dock-Company | Overhead Door and Dock Services, Ontario | Wilcox Door Richards-Wilcox-Custom-Overhead-Crane-Systems-Hamilton | Overhead Crane Service and Installations, Ontario | Wilcox Door



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