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  • Warehouse Hazard Awareness and Prevention | GTA

    Industrial-Grade-Loading-Dock-Bumpers | Dock Bumpers and Loading Dock Safety, GTA | Wilcox Door

    Help prevent injuries and workplace hazards


    Did you know that there were 34 loading dock injury/fatality incidents reported between February 2016 and April 2017? With proper safety measures...

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  • Overhead Door Drop Stop Device, Hamilton | Case Study

    Overhead-Custom-Mechanical-Drop-Stop-Device | Overhead Door Stop Devices, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

    Safety First, Folks!


    We can't stress enough that Overhead Doors are not intended for personnel use. This customer had safety concerns of the door coming down and injuring...

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  • Wilcox Celebrates 105 Years in Business and Canada's 150th!

    Canadian-Industrial-Overhead-Door-Company | Overhead Door company, GTA | Wilcox Door

    We are Canadian! ... The Wilcox Way


    Wilcox Door Service Inc., established in 1912, is the oldest and largest door company in Canada. This year, we celebrate 105 years of business alongside Canada's 150th...

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  • Overhead Door Installations, Durham Region | Case Study

    Industrial-Grade-Electric-Operator-Motor-Cover | Overhead Door Motor Covers, Toronto | Wilcox Door

    6 Types of Overhead Doors installed in one building


    Why is this necessary? Each type of door is designed for a specific purpose. A critical part of your Sales Representative's role is to...

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